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Services & Pricing

Injury armored services below but not limited to the following:

  1. Evaluation of existing methods of data collection and management relating to traumatic and nontraumatic injuries.
  2. Evaluation of existing methods and practices of athlete preparticipation exams.
  3. Evaluate protocols of implementation and follow up regarding athlete deficits determined during pre participation exams.
  4. Discuss challenges coordinating medical, strength and training staff members.
  5. Provide solutions for the above where appropriate through Injury Armored™ software if requested. Including refining or developing a metric for self evaluation.
  6. Teach efficient evaluation and implementation methods complementing desired existing protocols.
  7. Perform athlete evaluations and provide reports including recommendations ifrequested.
  8. Assist in developing implementation plans that may incorporate personalworkouts into organized team activities and prescribed workouts by strengthstaff.
  9. Serve as an objective resource in the field of injury risk assessment and management by staying current on the most efficient and effective methods ensuring that each athlete in the organization has their best chance for success.


Option 1 (consulting)

Pricing upon request for consulting services. Typically 2 days for evaluation and 2 days for implementation.

Option 2 (consulting + software)

Price upon qualification: If Injury Armored™ software services are requested, training and implementation protocols would be discussed.

Option 3 (consulting + software + implementation)

Price upon qualification : If Injury Armored™ is requested to perform physical evaluations of athletes and provide reports and recommendations pricing is based on number of