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“Upon observing and studying the Injury Armored researched-based process and my confidence in Dr. Turner in developing return to play criteria, I strongly recommend Injury Armored to anyone returning to play after injury and those who want to stay on the field of play.”


Dr. Charles Bush-Joseph

  •  Sports Medicine Specialist, Midwest Orthopedics at Rush
  • Chicago White Sox, Head Team Physician
  • Chicago Bulls, Team Physician
  • Major League Baseball Medical Advisory Board



“Injury Armored identified potential injury risks that I was unaware of. Being proactive and prepared gives me the best chance for success. Injury Armored delivered.”

Brandon Marshall

  • New York Jets, Wide Receiver #15
  • Pro-Bowler


“We encourage more athletes to partake in this preventative program.   It is simple and gives you the right exercises and stretching to both fix and maintain any weakened areas.  She was able to compete successfully this past season with the help of her coaches and Injury Armored.  Marissa’s gymnastics improved tremendously while avoiding a potential serious injury. “MarissaOakley

-Jill Oakley

  • Mother of Marissa Oakley, elite gymnast