Dr. Mark Turner witnessed and experienced countless injuries playing professional football. His life's work upon retirement from football was to reduce injury rates in all athletes. After completing post graduate studies in Chicago Dr. Turner returned to Vancouver British Columbia to work with professional sports teams and begin developing a sports and surgical rehabilitation center. Due to his success in reducing injury rates in Canada he was recruited back to the United States to further develop and validate his specialty. Dr. Turner recently completed 22 years of clinical private practice in sports and surgical rehabilitation.

During this time he developed 3 successful multidisciplinary facilities incorporating medical, physical therapy, chiropractic, psychology, nutritional counseling and sports performance training. This unique comprehensive approach facilitated his goal to consistently reduce injury rates in athletes of all ages participating in numerous sports. He shared this knowledge thru teaching continuing education to strength and training staffs in his specialty of athlete evaluation and implementation of personalized improvement plans coordinating medical, physical therapists, training staff and strength staff members.

Dr. Mark Turner
His methods and protocols were validated thru various metrics, examining his clinics evaluations of thousands of athletes to reduce injury rates decrease treatment durations, reduce recurrences and improve athletic performance. 2 years ago Dr. Turner partnered with Davisware, www.davisware.com an innovative software development company. This partnership ensured the data, methods and protocols developed over the years could be formatted in a patented injury management system for others to benefit from. This includes the only sport and position predictive data index pre participation exam on the market.

This could be compared to the Fico score but for injury risk. The predictive data provides a standardized score that all medical providers can communicate in the same language for the benefit of the athlete. The Injury Armored platform developed by Dr. Turner and Davisware aids in successfully navigating the ever changing field of injury management.

Official injury consultant Dr. Mark Turner at the 2018 NFL Combine.